How to add passwords to flipbook?

I want to upload my flipbook online, but I don’t want people I don’t know to see it. What should I do? How to make a flipbook and make it password protected?

With Next Flipbook Maker, you can easily add password to your online/offline flipbooks.

After importing PDF document, find Privacy Settings under Setting tab, click the lock icon to open below window:

digital flipbook privacy

There are 3 options: public, single password for all readers and one password per reader. Choose one you want. If you choose Single password, click Auto Generate to generate a password automatically or you can set the password by yourself.

create flipbook with password

If you choose Per Reader Password, click Edit to open below window:

protect flipbook with password

Click the green add button to generate user name and password automatically or double click them to add your own.

You can choose to apply the password to all pages or leave the first several pages public. At last click OK and your password will be applied.

If you have uploaded the flipbook to Nextflipbook cloud and forgotten to set password, don’t worry, click Book Management on Next Flipbook Maker interface, find the flipbook and click the pen icon to open Edit Flipping Book window, here you can still set flipbook private and add passwords.

digital flipbook management


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