How to add flipbook scene and background file?

I need the ability to import all the bookmarks in the PDF to flipbook. Is this available for Next Flipbook Maker? Is the Table of Contents customizable...meaning, can I make a sidebar that readers can easily go straight to the topic they need?

Next Flipbook Maker provides many dynamic scenes for you to decorate your flipbook. Double click the one you like Scene tab to apply it to your flipbook. Now your flipbook should look something like this:

add dynamic scene to flipbook

To add your own image as flipbook background, you will need to locate the Background File option under Setting tab, click the Folder icon to choose your local image. Please make sure you don’t use any scene in your flipbook, otherwise your background image won’t show. Your image should have the file extension .png or.jpg.

Click Advanced button to configure the same settings for all output flipbooks.

add background image for flipbook

Okay, now your own image has been used as flipbook background.

flipbook background file

Besides image, you can also set flipbook background color. Please make sure you don’t use any scene. Choose the template named Transparency. Find Flash Background Color under Setting tab, click the color square to choose any color.

flipbook background color


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