How to create Search Engine Friendly flipbooks with Next Flipbook Maker?

With Next Flipbook Maker, you can easily create search engine friendly digital flipbooks. This tutorial will show you how:

Download and install Next Flipbook Maker for Mac or Next Flipbook Maker for Windows.

1. Check Enable SEO option.

Import PDF. Check below Enable SEO option on the bottom of the Setting tab. Once you check this option, Next Flipbook Maker will create a text only flipbook html files for search engine.

enable flipbook seo feature

2. Add flipbook title/description.

Whether you publish offline flipbook for uploading to your website later or upload flipbook to our Cloud Hosting, you can add title and description to your flipbook:

Publish offline flipbook: click Publish button, then click below Advanced button to add title, keywords and description for your flipbook.

add flipbook title, keywords, description

Upload flipbook to our Cloud Hosting: Click Upload Online button and enter title, description on below window.

add flipbook title, keywords, description

Let's see what the text-only html file for search engine looks like:

Open the output folder - files - simple, you will see the text only flipbook html files. Each flipbook page has a text only html file:

flipbook seo

flipbook html version for seo

Open html file and you will get:

flipbook html version

These html files are for search engines and will make your digital flipbook search engine friendly.


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